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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Andrew Harvey––New Shift Webinar––Christ Path Advanced Intensive 

Deepen your relationship with the authentic Christ

Dear Dorothy Walters,

The first session of the Christ Path Advanced Intensive, with celebrated author and mystic scholar Andrew Harvey, launches tomorrow, Wednesday, June 1, at 5:00pm Pacific.

If you haven’t yet enrolled, there’s still time to join Andrew for this electrifying 9-month deep dive into the Christian tradition in search of the authentic Christ presence.

This immersive journey will build upon the foundational principles of Andrew’s wildly popular Christ Path course and expand the curriculum considerably, drawing on other great Christian mystics to inspire in you a deeper, subtler and more advanced experience of the journey of Christing.

Baptized in the mystic fires of the Christ Path initiation, Andrew emerged with a singular ability to speak directly to our hearts with profound, poetic prose that is nothing short of a rallying cry for the soul.

With patience and wisdom that come from a lifetime of study and mystical experience, he’ll guide you through practices of heart, mind and body to help you awaken and embody Christ Consciousness.

He’ll illuminate how you can engage with Christianity as a more universal path — one that extends beyond the confines of religious dogma to bring more divinity into your daily life.

As you’ll see when you enroll in this 9-month training, Andrew is deeply passionate about sharing his wisdom of the life of Jesus Christ with you — not as a man who exclusively represented God, but rather as the “First Coming” of an embodied divine consciousness.

Andrew explains that Jesus came to earth not to be “the way” but to lead the way … to an evolutionary path that would birth a wholly new kind of human being — one that is an incarnation of the divine on earth, just as Jesus himself was.

In other words, Jesus was not a great exception but a great example of what is possible when human consciousness is expanded to receive the Divine.

This is the real meaning of the Second Coming, which is taking place through the rising of a sacred consciousness in hundreds of thousands of beings around the world.


In the Christ Path Advanced Intensive, Andrew peels away centuries of misinterpretation and distortion and arrives at the luminous core of mystical Christianity, unearthing the priceless jewels of Christ’s life for you.

Andrew is truly one of the most transformational teachers and speakers in the world. “The light he sheds,” says Marianne Williamson, “is like a meteor burst across the inner sky."

Here are what past participants of The Christ Path are saying:

I LOVED this course. It brought me to tears several times! The content was superb. The extras were thought-provoking and relevant to today’s issues. I found Andrew himself to be such a shining example of the kind of human we can ALL be. He’s a great example of humility and grace, and his knowledge of the subject matter is both academic and personal. To live the way he does is something to aspire to — or to let loose from within! Thanks SO much! More, more, more Andrew Harvey, please!

– Lisa, Chicago, Illinois

The Christ Path with Andrew Harvey was a life-changing experience. Every lecture was the perfect balance of grounded realism and Spiritual ecstasy. I am so grateful for this beloved, authentic, passionate and visionary soul and the urgent message he brings at this time. I hope his message is heard by many for the sake of the planet and all beings!

– Amata, La Cienega, New Mexico

The Christ Path course was life altering. It offered a clear, challenging and supportive template for continuing on the vital evolutionary path of the sacred activist. Andrew Harvey is a true reflection of what a divine human is and his teaching style is exceptional.

– Melanie, Herndon, Virginia

This course was such a blessing for me. I have been studying Andrew’s teachings on the mystical Christ Path for several years. Andrew is more than a pioneer in this area, he is a visionary and a prophet for our time. The richness of his scholarly work and the depth of his personal mystical insights are so far ahead of anyone else’s teaching at this time. The world is finally starting to catch up with him and we are all blessed that he continues to share so generously with the world. Thank you to The Shift Network for making his teachings available in a format that makes it easy to access and study in even more depth. His teachings are truly priceless.

– Stephanie, Charlotte, North Carolina

This is the most rigorous, in-depth, no-holds-barred online course Andrew has ever taught. This sacred offering from his heart to yours is a chance to harvest the bounty of a lifetime of mystical practice and rigorous scholarship.

If you hunger for a more authentic relationship with Jesus and the Christian tradition — and yearn to live a more fully embodied sacred life — the Christ Path Advanced Intensive is the perfect vehicle for you.

You can get all the details about this transformative course here.


With love,
Stephen Dinan

PS- Remember that Andrew’s program starts TOMORROW, Wednesday, June 1, at 5:00pm Pacific, with the first session, “Advanced Principles of the Christ Path: Awakening the Divine Human.” You can register in time to join by clicking here.

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