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Thursday, May 05, 2016

Ron Adams––His Kundalini Awakening 

Ron had his awakening in l984, here in Boulder.  Thus he was one of the "forerunners" of what has now become a worldwide phenomenon (spontaneous Kundalini awakening).  I heard from him about 2009, when I had just moved here.  At first I thought he had already read my book (Unmasking the Rose: A Record of a Kundalini Initiation, available on Amazon or from me cheaper) and somehow knew I lived in Boulder and was interested in Kundalini, since he mentioned many of the local landmarks I was familiar with.  I was surprised to learn that he did not know I had moved here and was simply describing his own experience. Ron had in fact read the book and had contacted me about his experience. "Unmasking the Rose" is the story of my own quite spontaneous awakening in l981 and remains one of the few published personal accounts available.  Here is his description of his own process, which adds to our store of information about this still mysterious process.

Wow, having flashback right now. Kundalini flowing.

Back in 1984 I had my first kundalini experience. Didn't know what it was. Had anxiety attack and ended up in Emergency room. Had just gotten to Boulder. Nurse was taking my pulse when it started up again. She asked me to describe it. She told me I was having a spiritual experience and should shut up and not tell the doctors anything or they'd put me on psych drugs. Thank my lucky stars. She gave me the name and number of a Holistic Doctor at Wellspring.

I went there the next day. The doctor said I was having a Kundalini experience. I said Kunda what? He said lots of people do Kundalini yoga to get this to happen. I said they could have it. He gave me a list of books to read, Gopi Krishna's Kundalini Rising. He told me next time it happens, to ride it like a tiger.

I immediately went to the Library and got the books. As I came out of the Library, it started. I took a deep breath and did what the doctor ordered.

I felt cold and hot waves at the base of my spine. The energy was rising. When it got to my heart, where it was blocked before, I took a deep breath and surrendered.
Waves and waves of orgasmic energy pulsed through my body. I was like a live circuit.

 Smoke, smoke, smoke, voices, something about a world war and when the dust settled I was no longer in my body. I was 136 years in the future. No cars, no concrete, no buildings. Everyone was naked and living tribally. The temp was a constant 72°.
Every individual was connected psychically. I termed it Planetary Consciousness. A fat woman was telling stories to children. I looked into her blue almond eyes and we connected. I was hooked into the Psi-bank. Part of the Hive.

I saw teenage boys with spears going to hunt for food.

Peace everywhere.

Then I came back into my body. I saw a homeless guy crossing the bridge and I ran up and hugged him I was so overwhelmed.

The next few nights I woke up with the Moonlight shining in my bedroom. (There was no Moon out.)

from Dorothy:

Although I have never had inner visions of the future such as Ron's, I have often intuited that after a world wide holocaust, those who survived would live tribally and would indeed be connected psychically in what I thought of as "group consciousness."

Ron was unbelievably lucky to find a nurse and then a doctor who understood his process and helped him.  Not many were so fortunate then––or even now, for that matter.

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