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Sunday, May 08, 2016

Tami Simon "comes out" as herself 

(picture by  N.M. Rai)

Happy Mother's  Day, everyone!  And happy Nurturant Day for those who do not  fulfill the role of biological parent but give loving friendship to others.

(picture of Tami from website)

Tami Simon is the founder and producer of SoundsTrue, the premiere source of spiritual recordings in the U. S.  She has been a pioneer in every way.  I remember how many years ago SoundsTrue would come to various workshops and record the presentations of the folks who spoke there.  Today, most of her interviews are held in her studio in Colorado, with the speakers coming there to be recorded.  She also was one of the first (and still one of the few) to operate a business according to spiritual principles, and she has been extremely successful in her venture.  Thus she has been a role model and inspiration to many, especially women seeking to find their own way in the commercial and spiritual worlds.

Though Tami has herself introduced and engaged in dialogue with hundreds of well known spiritual leaders, she has to date never recorded her own thoughts reflecting the wisdom gained through her own lifetime.  She has now released a set of recordings in which she speaks in her own voice on the theme of "Being True."  Tami has been true in every way, from owning her own sexuality to maintaining honesty and integrity in her business dealings.  She points out that in order to honor our own true selves, we may have to hurt those we love who want us to follow a more traditional path.  She also stresses that she has not been a subscriber to any one tradition or lineage but rather has gleaned the best learnings from many teachers along the way.

Here is what Paul Behrman, COO of SoundsTrue,  says about Tami's new recording:


When I joined Sounds True, I felt only a single calling — waking up. At the time, I was exposed to only a few spiritual teachers. In Being True, Tami shares the notion that teachers have particular areas of expertise and that all teachers are partial. While many of us yearn for our one guru with the answers to all of life’s questions, Tami suggests that this is not the case. 

Before I came to Sounds True, I was singularly focused on dropping my identification with ego. Frankly, I was missing out on a number of important growth areas in my life. In particular, I covered up and hid some of my so-called “negative” emotions — a pretty serious gap in my development. 

In Being True, Tami addresses this common occurrence on the spiritual path as one of the eight most important lessons she’s learned over the last 30 years. Tami weaves these lessons (from different teachers on different subjects) together to create a beautiful tapestry. 

I wish I could recommend this program to myself 10 years ago! It would have accelerated my spiritual and personal development immeasurably. 

You can download the first portion of Being True for free or you can purchase the whole program here. 

With blessings, 
Paul Behrman

COO, Sounds true

(Unfortunately, the link to listen to these excerpts free does not work once the copy is transferred to another site.   However, you can buy the set from SoundsTrue.  I have listened to the opening segments and I recommend them without reservation.  Tami speaks truth about your life, your relationships, and your work in a way that is remarkably clear and preceptive.  What she says is the distillation of a lifetime of practice and thoughtfulness.  She is a true wisdom teacher and offers jewels of insight that will enrich your life many times over.)

Here are the topics included on the first session:

ntroduction to Session 1
An offering
The promptings of my true heart
There’s only one of you
Go into the darkness
Our authentic life comes from open space
The courage to follow our guidance
Let the phenomenal world play
The natural unfolding of our authentic self
“God, I’m willing to do your work”
Disseminate spiritual wisdom
Our true prayers are answered

Introduction to Session 2
“Hey dominant culture, you’re destroying the world!”

Three bottom lines


Being True
What Matters Most in Work, Life, and Love
Tami Simon
$29.95 (33% off)
In Stock
Audio Download
$20.97 (25% off)
Available immediately

“When I took my first steps on the spiritual path,” says Tami Simon, “I was looking for answers to life’s greatest mysteries. Over time I learned that the best books and teachers pointed us inward—to our own experience—and that this is where we can find our greatest sense of aliveness and purpose.” On Being True, the founder of Sounds True distills essential lessons learned from 30 years of exploring the edge where spiritual wisdom meets the challenges of work, life, and love. Join her for four intimate sessions on:

Being true as a process—five keys for living in integrity

Spirituality in action—how we can apply our highest values in the workplace and in our relationships

Her most transformative encounters with spiritual teachers

Sounds True listeners and followers of the Insights at the Edge podcast series have heard Tami introducing and interviewing leading voices in spirituality, science, and creativity. Now she speaks to you directly as a fellow traveler on the journey—sharing her most valuable insights on honoring your inner imperatives in the real world, meeting setbacks with an open heart, and remaining alive to the inner voice that always encourages each of us to “be true.”

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