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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Teresa's Enigma (poem by Dorothy) 

Teresa’s Enigma

How can I explain this?
Yesterday, pain cleaving a path
over shoulder and arm,
eyes stunned by arrows of light,
back a maze of burning rivers.

Today, Vivaldi, Stabat Mater,
a subtle lifting in the heart,
wrists floating in rapture,
in my mouth the taste of honey and flame.

(from Marrow of Flame)

            Like the speaker in the poem, St. Teresa of Avila suffered periods of intense pain and suffering as well as transcendent rapture during her transformation.  Such extreme oscillations between pleasure and  pain are often a characteristic of those undergoing awakening of the Kundalini energies, a highly charged spiritual phenomenon becoming more and more frequent in today’s world.

(picture is of St. Teresa in Ecstasy, as rendered by the famous sculptor Bernini. At this very moment, the angel is piercing her heart with his lance.  This statue is now in Rome.  Above image found on internet.)

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