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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Wise Women Waking Up––ongoing workshop by video 

Note: The following is an announcement  of a very important video conference to be given, beginning in June.  I love the descriptions of the sessions and the overall perspective, for they describe the very path I have followed for years, beginning with how we are all being affected by the infusions of Shakti that are coming our way these days.  I made my journey alone (many years ago), but think how wonderful it would be to have a supportive community as you go through the stages of the awakening process.  (Actually, my process still continues, even to this day.  We are never "finished," always "works in progress.)

Wise Women Waking Up Meeting What Is, As It Is—Whatever It Is
Video-Conference for a Small Group of Women 50+ Years Young
Twelve 90-minute Sessions ~ Twice Monthly
Begins June 14 – November, 2016
~ Tuesdays 5:30 PM ET, 3:30 MT, 2:30 PT ~
Please Email to Register by June 1, 2016
Space is limited to six women in each group.
 We are all being affected by the more powerful, higher vibrations of Shakti
that are moving and awakening our consciousness from third dimensional awareness, through the fourth, which is very liminal, and into the new life of fifth dimensional consciousness. We are being ‘re-wired’. Healing our hearts is happening faster, as is the expansion of consciousness and we are all experiencing the varied phenomena that occur in this process. For many of us, Aging is part of this new vibrational shift. What does this mean to us as women over 50? We are not aging in the same ways our elders did, nor are we living in the same world. This is new territory for all of us to explore.
You may be noticing emotional ups and downs, old issues being triggered so they can heal, physical issues rising to the surface, including exhaustion, outer changes in your life and work, your nervous system feeling more sensitive and reactive than usual, relationships getting bumpy, falling away, or asking for change, and a myriad of other expected and unexpected large and small shifts in you and your Life. Divine Arrangement is orchestrating everything perfectly, and it lifts our vibration to look for the blessings and gifts from these challenges.

Whatever is going on, somehow there is always a lesson, a blessing, an opportunity implicit but not necessarily recognized on the front end of what’s arising. We may find these initiations a lot easier when we can share and be held in sacred space (aka temenos) by a group of sisters. This is a come-as-you-are-and- bring-what-matters-to-you to your-
group. All subjects are welcome and worthy of inquiry and discussion—we are not limited to aging, dying, and death. We are very much interested in LIFE and the infinite possibilities that are available, and perhaps not yet discovered, through the initiations that take place through these stages of life. If this calls to you, ask inside what your intention is... you may have more than one. Whatever it is we will support you with further opening of hearts and deepening of spiritual inquiry and awakeness. Ultimately, it’s all about Love in one way or another.

All who join are making a commitment to be fully present and accountable—
physically, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, financially, and in terms of participation. This is not a come-and-listen group, although there may be a time when that is all you can do and that’s okay. Each and every woman’s input is important, is a holographic reflection for each of us and the whole group. Divine Arrangement will gather those who are meant to be here with us. Exactly the right women will show up and each of us will get whatever it is that is needed.

My Intention is to hold a sacred and safe space where anything that needs tending can be tended, new tools for consciousness can be shared, along with guided meditations, sacred questions, your creations of art or writing can be witnessed, and, if you ask, your feet held to the fire of awakening and accountability. I will suggest readings and listenings, poetry, and writing, and I strongly recommend using writing and/or collage or other art as a way of documenting your Journey. You can keep it to yourself or offer to the group for creative audience, a non-critical, non-threatening way of giving response to your offerings.
Always we are in the Unknown and I will offer practices and processes for meeting LIFE AS IT IS, which is not a small task when we see what LIFE is bringing our way these days.

What is your longing? Is your heart hurting? Do you feel out of alignment or as if something is missing? What support do you want and need right now, and with what in particular? Do you need guidance through all the changes you are going through? Do you long for deep conversation and sacred circle with women who are engaged in the play of consciousness and living an awakened life? Space is limited so the group can be as intimate and supportive as possible.

The artwork above is a collage titled, “Door to New Life” that I created several months ago during my packing and moving process, as a way of documenting this current phase of my unfolding journey. I thank the artists whose work was incorporated in this piece. I truly am now in a new life!!
Comments from women in current Wise Women Groups

I have been actively on this spiritual path for over 45 years and have never found anything to compare to the depth, honesty, juiciness, and intimacy of these heart centered groups with Sheila and women of the Temenos community. If you are ready for the next step along the path, this could be it. I invite you to enter this circle of wise women,
who will allow you to have your voice and support you in whatever way is needed.
With love and gratitude,
~Krishnakamini, WV

Our group has given me a village of wise women to count on.
To be seen, heard, loved, accepted, embraced with whatever shows up in my life. It has brought me closer to meeting my soul needs of belonging, transforming, serving and being served and fun! I am so blessed by it.
~Penelope, PA

It’s been good to immerse myself in the Wise Woman archetypes, especially, for me, Hekate. Our conversations as a group and individually about where we are with our own aging processes and challenges have been a great opportunity for me to see where I’m feeling grounded in this time in my life, and where I want to throw more light. The books that Sheila has recommended have created a bigger context, particularly The Wild Edge of Sorrow and Goddesses in Older Women. I’m looking forward to what emerges as our group continues to meet.
~Linda, VA

Logistics Details
• Tuition is $600 for the workshop for all six months due with registration. I can take credit cards (MC & Visa), checks, or cash. Tuition can be made in two payments.
• The commitment of time and payment is for the entire six months. Please go deep within to be sure you are called to this.
• If you should you change your mind before the first meeting, there is a full refund minus a $50 service charge. After that there is no refund as your seat cannot be filled once the group has begun. The group size is limited to six women.
• Please email me to register and if we have not met, or if we have and you want to talk about this, let’s have a phone call.
• Dates: 12 meetings:
June 14 &28; July 12 & 26; August 9 & 23; September 6 & 20; October 4 & 18; November 1 & 22, 2016.
• I will send you a covenant with all of the details of our agreement when you email me. If you feel called to commit to the group, please sign the covenant (typing it in is ok), and return to me, keeping a copy for yourself. Payment is due with Registration. Please understand that your heartful commitment is for the full journey. You may have to miss a meeting or two, and that’s ok. If I need to re- schedule a meeting we will do so by consensus.
If we have not yet met, I would like to talk with you by phone, so please email me for info
and/or conversation about your participation and any questions you have of me. temenosctr@aol.com
Zoom.us video conferencing will be used. You can download it for free. Please do that before the first conference meeting. Zoom allows us to see each other. If you do not have the bandwidth for video, you can also call in. I will send you an invitation before each meeting with the link. All you have to do is click the link or follow the instructions for calling in.
Sheila Foster, M.A.
Founder & Steward of the Temenos Center, The School for Women Healers, and the Temple of the Sacred Feminine

I received an MA in Counseling Psychology in 1978 and a BA in English with an Art minor. My real education began in 1980 when I began my studies in consciousness, shamanism, Jungian psychology, the Feminine, and the nature and dynamics of Shadow. In 1982, my personal and professional path became clear while in Jungian analysis when I had a series of ‘big’ dreams and a life-changing awakening of the Kundalini Shakti. I founded the Temenos Center, then the School for Women Healers training program in Samyama Healing emerged, and that evolved into the Temple of the Sacred Feminine, a vessel specifically for women’s spiritual initiation.

I began offering my work with the Sacred Feminine and awareness of Kundalini and spiritual emergence to mental health and clergy professionals in the Baltimore- Washington, D.C. area, where I started a branch of the Spiritual Emergence Network. Besides classes, workshops, performance pieces, retreats, and a training and supervision group for healing professionals, I have presented at conferences, mental health organizations, churches, and Jung groups. I co-created and co-directed an evocumentary film about Sacred Feminine Initiation called Eve’s Fire. Writing, photography, and making art are important to me personally and to my work. Divine Arrangement has played a significant role in my life since childhood.

My path and work as a guide, mentor, initiatory elder, and teacher of the ancient yogic practice of Samyama supports women and men as they go through their own
spiritual awakenings and initiations. I am particularly excited about and interested in spiritual awakening, matrix energetics, the overlap of quantum physics with non-dual spirituality, ancestral work, and systemic constellations. I have continued to work in Maryland since I moved to Boulder nearly 20 years ago and recently began offering my work in Boulder. I work with women individually and in groups. Coming in September, is a year-long program in the Temple of the Sacred Feminine. Info will be available in June.

http://www.temenoscenterforawakening.com - Under construction, please check it out around mid-June. This new site will incorporate the Temple of the Sacred Feminine. http://www.themysticalunionofloveandheartbreak.blogspot.com

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