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Thursday, June 30, 2016

A Golden Haze or Halo––poem by Dorothh 


I know you are there,
waiting to find me,
 to take me in your heavy jaws,
to gulp me like a morsel
or cough me up
like a briar.

For I am covered in thorns. No, that’s not so.
I am slicked over, oiled,
like something disguised
for a celebration.

I have made myself
an easy prey,
something to be quickly swallowed and digested
or else
spat out in disgust.

You keep calling,
I keep looking the other way,
I beg my responsibilities,
my serious obligations.

You hear none of my protestations,
they are irrelevant, weightless as air.
You sit back on your great haunches,
swish your tail,
make a warning growl in your throat.

I no longer remember how long
you have been there,
when you came.

Each time I scanned the landscape,
you are always what I saw.
Your mane floats like a golden haze or halo around
your unfathomable face.

Now you are pacing again.

Dorothy Walters
(from Unmasking the Rose: A Record of a Kundalini Initiation)
(image from internet––source unknown)

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