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Friday, June 17, 2016

Andrew's encore of free talk on Sufi mysticism  

Andrew is offering an encore presentation of his free talk on Sufi mysticism on Saturday, June 18. in case you missed the earlier one.  I highly recommend it.  This is the true path of love and union with the divine, at least for me. (But you don't have to be an official Sufi to follow the path––only if you are called to do so.)

Dear Friends,

Join me for an encore presentation:

Could the teachings of the Sufi mystics hold the key to ecstatic surrender into true love?

There’s a reason why Rumi, one of the most important Sufi mystics, is the most beloved poet in America. It comes down to one word: love.

I deeply believe that the “Sufi Way of the Beloved” holds the key to an ecstatic experience of love… and just may hold the key to create true and lasting peace in the world. And, on Saturday, June 18, I will deliver you into the heart of Sufism to receive the blessing — and experience the initiatory power — of this ancient sacred lineage on a FREE teleseminar called, Discovering the Sufi Way of the the Beloved: Ecstasy & Surender Through the Mystical Teachings of Islam.

You can claim your free seat here: https://shiftnetwork.isrefer.com/go/swbAH/andrew/

In this free event, you’ll:

Celebrate the Sufi quest for a more universal understanding that embraces all paths

Develop an appreciation of the Prophet Mohammed beyond modern history’s propaganda

Discover the centrality of the divine feminine to Sufism

See how integrating divine intelligence into how we design society can unite us through common spiritual ideals and the guiding principles for a peaceful world

Not only will you shift your whole understanding of Sufism and discover the heart of this profound lineage, you’ll also gain an understand into polarizing Islamic concepts such as “jihad” in a whole new way.

It’s FREE to attend and you will receive a recording if you can’t listen live: https://shiftnetwork.isrefer.com/go/swbAH/andrew/


P.S. During Discovering the Sufi Way of the Beloved I will help you open to the sublime love at the core of the Sufi path and discover teachings and practices that can liberate your soul through a profoundly intimate relationship with the Divine. It’s FREE to attend and you’ll be sent a recording too if you register: https://shiftnetwork.isrefer.com/go/swbAH/andrew/

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