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Wednesday, June 01, 2016

"Betrothed"––poem by Dorothy 


“So at the end of the day, we give thanks for being betrothed to the unknown”

                                                                            —John O’Donohue

However one looks at it,

it was not easy—

that bridal night,
mingling of self

and the unknown who appeared.

Everything took place
in secrecy and silence,
at the hidden center,
the core where presence begins.

How do you mate

with something unseen
become one
 with what has no form or name?

The days were filled with sweetness
and tumult,

nights so intense

that passion itself
became too pale a word.

The world unfolded
in endless celebration,
a constant feast to which
the heart said yes, the spirit yearned.

Now, old lovers,

we live quietly,
sometimes meet

and nod in recognition,
remembrance of that special time
when we no longer knew
who was lover, who beloved.

Dorothy Walters

Some might mistake this poem for a description of sexual love between two human lovers. It is not.  Rather, it is a description of the spiritual energies that are aroused in the self when the human fuses with the Divine Love Source and the Beloved Within becomes a tangible reality, not a concept or an idea.  Mystics of all ages have used the imagery of love to describe the relationship between the Divine and the Human and this fusion of self and other often carries a quasi-erotic tone, for it is rapture felt in the body.  When the Kundalini is in proper alignment, one may feel this bliss intensely.  If one is not in proper alignment, the opposite effect may take place.

One mystic said to me, "Kundalini is God moving through your body."

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