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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

About Artificial Intelligence and Ultimate Truth (Satcitananda) 

from Dorothy:
I wrote the following last night after reading an article by a respected pioneer researcher and inventor in the field of consciousness, matter, and energy.

I am not a mathematician nor a scientist.  But for many years I have been intrigued by the ideas emerging from the ongoing discoveries of the new physics, including the recent theories pertaining to AI.   Although  I have not read these reports with any degree of sophistication, I have perused them with interest and attention and indeed these novel concepts have provoked in me certain responses, which I summarize below.

My main concern (to go the heart of the matter) is that AI, no matter how it is presented, does not include feeling.  Concepts do not include feeling.  Notions do not have feeling.  Ideas themselves do not have feelings.  Devices that replicate rational human thought processes do not have feelings.

Thus, when we posit "consciousness" as a basic aspect of reality, we omit an essential component––indeed the essence–of that awareness that reveals "who we really are."


"Satcitānanda represents "existence, consciousness, and bliss" or "truth, consciousness, bliss."  It is an epithet and description for the subjective experience of the ultimate, unchanging reality in Hinduism called Brahman"  (from Wikipedia)

Sat is existence and of course we exist.  Cit is consciousness and of course we are conscious (in the usual sense of this word).  But what is bliss?  Is it merely the joy that we know when we think about the world about us and contemplate its nature?  I think it is far more.  I believe that this bliss is the core of "great consciousness"––awareness of both the cosmic field of knowingness and human perception of that which informs and sustains the universe.

This is a big claim.  But my own experience verifies that when we enter a state in which we experience total, overwhelming, boundless love (as felt in our own blood and veins and cells), then we then are in alignment with the universal swirling dynamic and undefinable impulse that powers the universe and all that is in it.  This connection can be known only when it is realized internally and individually.  It can come about through Kundalini awakening.  This realization is known as Awakening or Moksha or Enlightenment in different traditions.  We will never think our way to such realizations.  God is not a concept nor a notion nor a thought nor an idea.  It is not captured through theories or diagrams or formulations.  It is the territory, not the map, the lost treasure unearthed and brought home.  It is a felt reality and we can only know it through the coursing of infinite love through our bodies, not as sexual flow but rather as sublimated energy, the source itself transformed and embodied in our own fleshly forms and felt as rapture.

It is like any form of love.  It cannot be seen or measured or weighed, yet it is undeniably present, and is validated through the experience itself.

This is why ultimately AI has no real relevance or significance, though it offers interesting material for speculation.  It misses the core element, the awareness that is union with divine reality.  This state opens us to Oneness and our realization of who we really are––infinitely small vibrating particles within the body of the vast indefinable, ineffable Source.

"Man can embody truth, but never know it."  (Yeats)

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