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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Ann Rick––Awakening, Bliss, Carousels and Synchronicities 

Above picture is of Gail Kinzer, who visited here this week along with Rose Roberts, both former students, both now grandmothers.

Here are some exchanges of correspondence between me and Ann Krohn Rick, a friend I have met recently.  She is undergoing deep spiritual transformation, including Kundalini awakening. 


I read your latest blog post about Satchitananda. I can't agree more!

Since "reawakening" last year, I can only describe this energy that travels up my core, "forming" my very center, as "in-forming" me, bringing me Knowledge. I think this is probably the etymology of the word "Information" in a certain way.

Lately I feel like Eve in the Garden of Eden. I make Love with a Snake that brings certain Knowledge about the "Tree of Eternal Life."

Also, I've been looking over Rilke's "Dueno Elegies and Sonnets to Orpheus," again, the poetry that was the catalyst in my own Kundalini experience so many years ago. In retrospect, I think the Sonnets describe the feeling of the enlightenment. Even the first lines: "A tree sprang up! O Sheer Transcendence! O Tall Tree in the Ear! O Orpheus Sings!" seem to be the feeling of the initial jolt: a "tree" springing up your very core... and then "hearing" transcendent "knowledge."

Also, I have been singing a lot. I think perhaps I have been, or am meant to be, someone who Sings people to the other side...

It turns out the hospice nurse who visits my mom also sings, and we both harmonized on Amazing Grace in the resonant entry-way at my mother's home.

Hope to see you soon, Dorothy. It has meant a lot to me to be able to connect with someone who understands this process at an intimate level.

The "Bliss" definitely is also "Knowledge." Perhaps said another way, Consciousness IS Love.

Me to Ann:

I like that you are singing these days.  Yesterday my visiting friends and I rode the amazing Carousel called “Carousel of Happiness.”  It is quite wonderful––animals made by a wood carver who has spend 20 years perfecting them.  They play the old time circus music and indeed, it does make you happy.  It was a fun reprieve from the current issues and concerns.  We should go there sometime (Nederland) and also eat at Katmandu, one of the best Nepalese restaurants I have ever found, and find it amazing that it is located in such an unlikely place.

Ann to me:

Hi Dorothy

What a coincidence (synchronicity?) about the Carousel of Happiness! In July I try to take one day off per week to hike with my longtime buddy Judy. This month took us twice to Hesse and Fourth of July trailheads above Eldora/Nederland. After our hikes it is our custom to ride the Carousel of Happiness and get ice cream across the street at the Blue Owl.

This week, right after finishing our hike and returning to my car, a young Frenchman who had been backpacking the high country for four days asked us for a ride to Boulder. We invited him to join us for Carousel and ice cream. I speak French because I lived a year or so in Montpellier, where, coincidentally his grandmother lives! A grand time was had by all. He rode the moose which he said was highly ironic since he was trying, but never succeeded, in seeing a moose during his sojourn in the high country.

Did you know the Wurlitzer organ is from 1913 and plays all the music?

My reply:

Well, that is indeed a synchronicity!  Actually, I was a bit hesitant to send you that post, lest you think I was frivolous for liking such a down to earth entertainment.  So glad you know it and love it too.  I think the music is terrific.  And, to be totally honest, I just watched the others ride, because I was a bit woozy from the altitude and was afraid of getting dizzy.  But I have ridden it in the past and loved the adventure.  And—it happens that one of us (Gail) loves the ice cream at the Blue Owl and went over to get a cone (I can’t digest milk, so had to refrain, but I got a lovely vegetable spring roll in the grocery there plus some home made muffins.) We also ate at Katmandu, that amazing Nepalese jewel in Nederland.

Note:  Often such synchronicities become more common in your life after Awakening.

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