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Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Andrew Harver interview of Dorothy Walters 

A few weeks ago, Andrew Harvey came to Boulder to make a video interview of me.  That video can now be viewed on his website.  To see it, go to

then to column called "get involved"
then to "media"
then "video"

Andrew has always been my friend and indeed my mentor.  He often writes the intro to my books.  He is one of the most unusual people I know, someone who throws his whole being into raising spiritual awareness and helping people move forward on their own spiritual journeys.  He is a master speaker, writer, poet and indeed an inspiration for us all.   He has written over 30 books and presents his message over the world.  He is a deep scholar of Sufism and Rumi, and knows virtually all the spiritual traditions.  He is a strong believer in the role of the Great Mother and the need to acknowledge the Divine Feminine.

 He loves animals and leads groups to view the white lions in Africa, for he is deeply involved in the preservation of these beautiful creatures.  He also leads groups to India, where he was born and which he knows in depth.  He is the teacher that I always learn from.  He is profound in his scholarship and eloquent in his language.  I honor and love him for all he has given me.  It was Andrew who started me writing spiritual poetry and who has nourished and encouraged me in my writing ever since.

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