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Saturday, August 06, 2016

Dorothy Walters––"Caught in this Spell" (poem) 

Caught in this Spell
(for the Beloved Within)

Caught in this spell
of you
I cannot move.

Your sounds
flow like
a river of light through
my veins.

Your words tear open
my heart.

Who are you
that you summon me
in this way?

How can I answer
your call?

Dorothy Walters
December 17, 2008

(This is a poem I wrote several years ago, but I feel the same about the Beloved today.
Yesterday morning, I was listening to music (Brahms' Third Symphony) on my computer when suddenly I felt sweet flows of energy in my hands and arms and then the upper chakras.  I fell into a different state of consciousness as I intuitively began hand dancing.  I did not try to control the flow, but rather let it direct my hands into various positions, all executed gently and delicately.  Each moment became one of bliss consciousness.
Obviously, the Beloved chooses its own time to appear and reassure us of its constant presence.)

P.S. If anyone else has had experiences similar to this, I would like to hear about them, either on this site or through e-mail at www.dorothywalters72.gmail.com

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