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Thursday, August 11, 2016

More of one woman's awakening experience 

As you collect these experiences/symptoms from people I thought you might be interested to know my physical symptoms from the "awakening":

- severe depression
- swelling/odema all over body that would come and go, especially arms and legs (i was given thyroid medication to treat this but it only resolved when I stopped the medication and started a yoga practice. My thyroid lab results were normal - the medication was given by an alternative doctor who thought my symptoms were worth treating with medication)
- aches and pains in my joints
- other "hypothyroid" symptoms including hair shedding, feeling the cold, goosebumps would come and go all the time (even on hot summer days!)
- debilitating chronic fatigue (I took a significant period of time off work or only worked minimal hours for several years)
- night terrors - these were fascinating and probably deserve an entire email!
- disrupted sleep/waking multiple times during the night to urinate (adrenal symptom)
- seeing pin prick white lights or sparks in my vision (i was given an EEG to test for epilepsy but nothing showed up)
- a few episodes of "phantom smells" (also why the EEG)
- sensitivity to chemicals/fragrances/foods that never bothered me before
- almost complete alcohol intolerance
- the lights in my apartment would flash on and off rapidly (this also probably deserves an entire email!)

There might be more that I have forgotten. I will let you know if I remember any more.

Note: the symptoms she describes are experienced by many in the early stages of k. awakening, but each person has a different profile, since each has a unique makeup.

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