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Friday, August 12, 2016

Response to One Woman's Awakening Experience 

Here is what I wrote to the friend who wrote to me sharing her story:

I have just reread your letter and do have some comments.

First, the various stages you have been experiencing are vary familiar, for they are common signs of spiritual awakening.  It is significant that this awakening occurred during a time of personal crisis.  That happens often, even to people who do not consider themselves “religious” or even “seekers.”  It is as though “something” waits for the proper opening and then the experience is triggered

As for the many swings between joy and despair, that is also very common in the awakening experience.  It is as if you are discarding all the old clothing, all the feelings and habits that once defined “you,” and are entering a new state, a fresh recognition of "who you really are.”  Actually, this is like a remembrance, a return to your true self as you came from “source.”

Your old self does not fit properly into this new identity.  The old clothes no longer fit.  You are now having to learn to “live in the two worlds”: one is the familiar mundane (work, old friends who do not share this vision, people who are very much still in “the cultural trance”)––and the other world, where you now have a knowingness you could not have imagined before.  Your old concerns have disappeared and now all that is not connected to the path you are now on is, in fact, boring.  You long to be with more "spiritual” folk, who share aspects of your experience.

You are in transition and all transitions are hard as we adjust to this new reality.  It is as if you are literally evolving into a new state of being.  Believe it or not, such transitions are now happening over the globe.  We are all now somewhat more connected through the internet, but still many of us feel lonely and isolated.  However, things are getting better, believe me, as more people tap into this new reality.  Some call it creating a field of shared consciousness, and some say that this is in fact part of evolution of human consciousness, which all will share in eventually.

And—I do not think you have only two choices––to become a hermit or “taking it” and becoming ill in the “normal” world.  There is indeed a middle way.  Right now you are struggling to incorporate this new identity into your own system.  The newer models of anything often have kinks and blocks that need to be taken care of.  But eventually, things level out and then one can “carry the gift back home” (Joseph Campbell).  One does this by using the gifts one has (everyone is different) to help others move ahead on a path similar to your own.

I think you are lucky to have someone to share with.  I went through my experience virtually totally alone, with no one even to talk to, this for 15 years.
It was a very difficult journey, but well worth it from my point of view.

As for what you should do now––just relax and let the experience itself show you the way.  I think it is significant that you love the Vedas and the two spiritual teachers you mention.  I believe that extreme wisdom is to be found in such sources.  This is wisdom that much of the modern world has ignored or forgotten.  The test is always whether it speaks to you or not.

Congratulations.  You are now on a profound spiritual path, one which is not always easy but one that will enrich your life immeasurably in the end.  You are awakened, and will continue to be even more so as you move ahead.

Thanks again for opening your heart in this way.  Feel free to write again whenever you like.

Love and blessings,


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