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Sunday, August 07, 2016

Sally Kempton on Kundalini 

Recently, I ran across these notes I took from an earlier talk by Sally Kempton as part of a Webinar series she was doing.  Sally is, I believe, one of the two or three major teachers of the wisdom traditions speaking and writing today.  This talk focuses on Kundalini and is indeed an authentic description of the process.  Many "teachers" on the current scene ignore Kundalini altogether.  Apparently they lack any first hand experience, but Sally knows Kundalini well through her personal Awakening.

Some Highlights of Sally Kempton's webinar talk of Oct. 12

When she was having problems with her Kundalini early on, she was told by a guru that the cause was that the energies were rising in the wrong channel.  But when she consulted with Muktananda (her later guru) he laughed and said that the powers of Kundalini would come up as the way you need.

The traditional techniques of yoga were designed by males and for the most part practiced by males.  This approach stressed the need to control the energies--through breathing, asanas, and such--but these were practiced by males who were generally very strong.  In the 70's when students were taught to force the energies to come alive, there were many Kundalini casualties.

When Sally had an unexpected awakening, she had some sudden shifts in her abilities--she could now do visualizations easily, and also could do t'ai chi effortlessly.  Both of these had been quite difficult for her before. And she now felt self accepting--no longer was she the neurotic, self loathing person she had been before.

Rather than trying to control the energies, we should allow them to direct us.  Kundalini is the expression of the divine feminine--it never sleeps.  It should be approached with reverence and love.  It is also the underlying creative force of all that is.

Some traditional techniques are still used--as breath, meditation, and prayer.  Traditionally, the awakening begins in the lower chakras and moves upward.  But it can open in other places, such as the heart or the head.

It often feels like a caress.

This sensation arises from the presence of the goddess in our body.  "She" makes love to us from the inside.

Kundalini is rewiring us through the divine feminine.

The inner essence of Kundalini is love.

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