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Saturday, August 20, 2016


I am happy to announce that my latest book––entitled SOME KISS WE WANT: POEMS SELECTED AND NEW––HAS BEEN PUBLISHED.

It contains the best poems from my previously published four books of poetry, written over the previous sixteen years.  Andrew Harvey wrote the Introduction.  The hardback version is now available on Amazon as well as other outlets,

The title is take from this poem by Rumi:

There is some kiss we want
with our whole lives,
the touch of Spirit on the body.

Seawater begs the pearl
to break its shell.
And the lily,
how passionately it needs some wild Darling!

 At night, I open the window
and ask the moon to come
and press its face into mine.
Breathe into me.

Close the language-door,
and open the love-window.

The moon won't use the door,
only the window.

(tr. Coleman Barks)

Likewise, the poems in this volume reflect the yearning of the spirit to unite with our physical selves, in a way reminiscent of what can happen during the Kundalini experience.

In his introduction, Andrew Harvey says:

Of all modern visionary poets, Dorothy Walters is, to my mind, by far the wisest and most radiant. I wasting to write“by far the best” and then checked myself: such triumphalism would betray the deepest of all Dorothy’s qualities, both as a person and as a poet, her gently relentless humility forged from profound experience.

Here are some of the other endorsements:


These astonishing poems in Dorothy Walters’ "Some Kiss We Want" are at once a revelation and an incantation, humble and illumined, ecstatic and naked in the raw wounds of awakening. They are imbued with the fiery taste of the constantly disappearing sacred on the tongue. Mainly they are a call, as Walters says, to “ forget everything you know and open.” —Eve Ensler, playwright, performer, feminist, activist, The Vagina Monologues; In the Body of the World; The Good Body

In “Some Kiss We Want,” Dorothy Walters effortlessly weaves mystical jewels from all the living traditions—Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, and the Abrahamic lineages—with succulent poetic language. The tapestry that emerges from the warp of wisdom with the weft of beauty is a magical carpet. Fly this book straight into the arms of the Beloved.
—Mirabai Starr, spiritual teacher, writer, mystic, The Interior Castle: St. Teresa of Avila; The Showings of Julian of Norwich; God of Love

The poetry of Dorothy Walters is rich with wisdom and heart and the wordsmith’s skill, but most importantly it has presence. Each poem rings in the mind and works a strange alchemy in the soul, leaving us giddy and hungry for the secret contact of spirit and body. Some kiss indeed! —Ivan Granger, editor, Poetry Chaikhana, Real Thirst, Poetry of the Spiritual Journey; The Longing In Between, Sacred Poetry from Around the World

Dorothy Walters has the heart and vision of a mystic and is rooted firmly in the ecstatic tradition, where the divine overflows into daily life. Her poems invite us into this holy mystery, kindling deep joy and love in her readers. Reading her poems becomes an act of prayer itself, inviting us to slow down and savor what is already within. —Christine Valters Paintner, PHD, online Abbess of www.Abbeyof theArts.com and author of 7 books on spirituality and the arts
Dorothy Walters' poetry is inspired, arising from a deep immersion in her own awakened heart. Let her words resonate with your own heart.
—Sally Kempton, author, Meditation for the Love of It; Awakening Shakti.

I think your poetry is beautiful and profound. The poems I have read are exquisite and to be treasured and they remind me strangely of Rumi.
—Anne Baring, The Dream of the Cosmos; The Mystic Vision; The Divine Feminine (with Andrew Harvey)

The ancient yogic texts tell us that poetry drips like ambrosia from the tongue of the yogi who has awakened Kundalini-Shakti – the divine feminine that rests within. They tell us that these sweet-as-honey words are a sign – a sign that you are in the presence of a true mystic.
Read Dorothy Walters’ words in this marvelous volume and you will have no doubt that you are in the presence of both an authentic mystic and a great poet. —Teri Degler, author, The Divine Feminine Fire: Creativity and Your Yearning to
Express Your Self

Dorothy Walters is the real thing because for her spiritual experience is primary, and her poetry (like a continuing fountain) comes out of that. She actually has something to say beyond the existential 'me' and the otherwise verbal complexity of poetry that has only 'words' to say. Like all true spiritual and mystical writers, her language is grounded in transparency and grace; and it resonates: her poems are a witness and a transmission. She's part of the perennial stream, and there her work will remain; refreshing weary travelers of all ages now and in the future. I salute her. —Jay Ramsay, author, Kingdom of the Edge; Out of Time; Places of Truth; Monuments; Diamond Cutters

Crossing the border into the boundless domain of Source and returning is the epic journey of seekers on the quest for direct experience of the Infinite. Of those that truly make that journey, most are struck dumb by the magnificence of what lies beyond and how it reveals Itself to be fully present in every moment and everything. Fortunately for all who read her poetry, Dorothy Walters has been gifted with the rare ability to express in words the sounds and scents, the visions and insights, the feelings and the mind-obliterating Love that her encounters with the Infinite One have birthed in her body and soul. This fine collection of her poetry will call to the hearts and souls of all who read it and beckon them to read her other works in full! —Lawrence Edwards, PHD, Founder and Director, Anam Cara Meditation Foundation; Author: Kali’s Bazaar; Awakening Kundalini: The Path to Radical Freedom.

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