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Friday, September 16, 2016

Dolores Cannon––The New People Coming to Earth 

Notes from Jeff Roberts, article on Dolores Cannon, from http://in5d.com/cannon-most-important-time/

For 40 years, Dolores Cannon (now off planet) offered hypnotic regression sessions to thousands of clients.

One of her books, titled The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth , is an ensemble of regressive hypnotherapy client sessions which narrates a “behind the scenes” look at Earth’s current paradigm shift. During the sessions, Dolores hypnotizes her clients, bringing them into the “super-conscious” brainwave state, one of the deepest trances one can experience. Dolores elaborated on her technique in an interview with The Edge:

“When you see thousands and thousands of clients, as I do as a therapist and a counselor, you begin to see a common thread going through many of the cases. Earlier on, it used to be that everybody would go back to a past life and I’d find some of the answers there, and then I’d explore the source of all knowledge to answer all of their questions and do the healing. Just in the last five years or so, I began to see clients who weren’t all going into a past life on Earth. I began to find they had never been on Earth before and that they had come here directly from God, from the Source, from other planets, other dimensions, where they were light beings. That’s the common thread that I have been finding, and that’s where I came up with the theory of the three waves of volunteers.”

Dolores’s theory proposes that a series of souls are traveling from other planets and dimensions to assist Earth at this time. Many of these souls, which are of a higher vibration than the resident Earth souls, are incarnating on the planet for the first time. She affirms that the souls that have spent many lifetimes reincarnating on Earth are stuck in a karmic cycle, repeating the same patterns of mistakes and lessons, which is ultimately leading to the destruction of the planet. Thus, there has been a calling for purer souls to come to Earth to cleanse and raise the planet’s vibration.

But now, inhabiting bodies, these people have no memory of why they came. “They come in and an amnesia descends on the person, losing the memory of why they are here. But this group has an energy that they have to project. It is a loving energy that will change the mindset here on Earth. It will change history, just them being here.”

In The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth , Dolores elaborates on the three different classes of souls incarnating on Earth:

1 The First Wave: Now in their late 40s to early 60s, these volunteers are disturbed by the violence, anger, and hate that they experience on Earth. They have had the hardest time adjusting to life as humans, and many of them try to commit suicide.

2 The Second Wave: Now in their late 20s and 30s, these volunteers are more comfortable in bodies and are said to be beacons or channels of energy who can affect others just by being near them. Their mission of simply sharing their energy with others means they don’t have to do anything but just be.

The Third Wave: The new children, many of whom are now teenagers, have all the knowledge needed to exist on the planet after the dimensional shift and transformation takes place. Their DNA is more advanced, and the greatest challenge they face is being misunderstood by humans as having a condition (ADHD) that needs to be medicated.

“We are moving into a new frequency, a new dimension where it is going to be the New Earth, and it’s going to be extremely beautiful. They have described it in the books – the beautiful colors, that everything is total love.

The most important thing is that we are living in the most important time in the history of the Universe, and it’s very important to be here now. There are thousands of souls who want to be here to experience this – even if they can just be here for a few hours. They say even if they’re born and die right away, they can say, ‘I was there when this occurred.’ This is how important this is to the entire Universe. So, you’re living in a very wonderful time that will never be repeated again.”

from Dorothy:  I am always fascinated by such realms as prophecy, visions, and life regressions.  Dolores Cannon offered hypnotherapy regression and in that time met thousands of clients.  As always, I take such assertions with a grain of salt, and believe only those aspects that seem to ring true.

I do agree with certain observations she makes.  Indeed, I believe that we are in fact moving into a higher frequency planet in a huge paradigm shift.  Many of us are experiencing these frequencies through Kundalini awakening, energy work, spiritual transformation of all kinds.  I believe this changed awareness is in fact evidence of the evolution of consciousness that many have talked about.

And indeed, there are many reports of unusual children entering at this time, from the indigo children through the crystal children and even the rainbow children.  I have met several such children who do appear significantly advanced in their development and skill for their biological age.  Are these arriving from other planets or dimensions?  I don't know where they are coming from, but I hope indeed they will lead us in ways to redeem our planet and avoid total destruction of ourselves and our home base.

And I certainly agree that there are many advanced souls who make us feel better just by their presence.  Sometimes we can even sense the sweet vibrations emanating from their subtle bodies.

Dolores does not deal with those over 60, who got here before the current spiritual revolution was occurring.  Those of us who arrived early were in fact more like "lone scouts", pioneers in a world that was not yet awake.  Our tasks were difficult, for the world was not yet ready for our discoveries, particularly as these involved Kundalini Awakening before much of the world had any knowledge of what this was.  I have often said (jokingly) that it was just like me to volunteer for such a demanding assignment, as if I had said, "Sure, send me, I'll be glad to take this on," not realizing how tough the journey would be.

And as for our places of origin,  I do not believe I came from a distant planet, but when people ask me where I am from, I sometimes say "I don't know where I am from, but it certainly isn't from anyplace around here."

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