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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Medical Marijuana for Animals and Humans 


Dorothy Walters The above is a very important article for anyone who has a pet in pain. It also works for some humans. I did not realize that some forms of marijuana do not contain the ingredients that produce an altered state, but rather simply alleviate the pain of such things as arthritis, seizures, and MS.  To obtain these products, you need a prescription from (I think) your own doctor.

Carrie Tempalski The most active compound is called CBD. It actually can be found at pet stores for animals and at co-ops and medical marijuana shops. CBD Free For All is a great resource for more information!

Dorothy Walters Whether such products are legal will vary from state to state. In Colorado, all forms of marijuana are legal, so there is no problem. In California, only medical marijuana is legal, and that only with prescription.

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