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Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Nancy's Near Death Experience 

About two years ago, Nancy Rynes was struck by a truck when she was out riding her bicycle.  She was run over and dragged and suffered severe bodily injuries.  While she was undergoing a major operation for massive injuries, she experienced a dramatic Near Death Experience, which she describes in her amazing book entitled "Awakenings from the Light: 12 Life Lessons from a Near Death Experience."   Nancy made a full recovery and now gives talks on her time in the "other realm."  She is in close contact with angels, her own guides, and various other unseen helpers, and now devotes her life to helping others undergoing similar experiences.

At first, she found herself in a paradisal landscape:

 "The landscape continued to amaze me. Colors vibrated in harmony with different emotions. Trees weren’t necessarily green nor was the sky always blue. They hummed with an inner energy."

(She wants to stay there always. Her guide or helper radiates unconditional love.  She has never felt such love before.)

"But the underpinnings that I sensed, the love, the presence, and the radiant energy, formed the structure of all of Heaven. That was the core upon which all else was built."

"The messages she passed on to me encompassed the basics — Spirit 101 is my term for it. She, and those who spoke through her, communicated to me the nature of love, community, gratitude, companionship, how we’re all connected spiritually, that we’re never alone, and so much more."

"After I recovered from feeling those spiritual emotions, my Guide explained my part: it would be my task to put the messages into a form that I and other humans could understand. My job was to synthesize what she communicated to me, give it a human perspective, and then disseminate the information to as many people as possible, starting with me and my family. She again assured me that the knowledge was planted deep inside of me now."

"But the truth was that I really didn’t want to leave. Who would? When I was there I felt the love of a spiritual presence through every atom of my being. That love was a warmth from inside, supportive and light. I felt embraced, accepted, understood, part of an amazing family of beings of love and light, and a very real, tangible part of Creation. I didn’t want to leave it, not for a second."

"Our souls are a part of God, and a part of God is in each one of us. Love, guidance, and blessings are there for us to access whenever we want or need."


"The Messages themselves are short and deceptively simple: We are not only on Earth to learn, but to Love. You are a miracle — treat yourself like one This Earth and the universe are also miracles Each one of us is more powerful than we imagine.  Each one of us, all of Creation, is connected.  Allow, let go, let Spirit work in your life.  Show love to others by allowing them to show love.  Learn to listen to your heart. You are never alone. Your most powerful tool is your power of choice.  (Our) wish is for you to come away with a renewed sense of enjoyment of being here on Earth and living this life that you have right now. Life is truly a blessing."

(I have so far read only the first half of the book.  I look forward to the second half.)

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