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Thursday, September 01, 2016

On "Unmasking the Rose"––one woman's response 

On "Unmasking the Rose": One Woman's Response

I received the following recently from someone who was reading "Unmasking the Rose: A Record of a Kundalini Initiation." This book details my own awakening experience, and many readers find much in this story to relate to.  You can buy it now on Amazon for very little cost.

Your book arrived and I am currently reading it - I'm about 1/3 of the way through. I wanted to write to tell you of some similar experiences/themes we have shared - some generic and others quite specific.

- a series of devastating relationships seemed to be the theme throughout my 20s - always longing for that perfect "one" or soul mate connection and being terribly disappointed and devastated every time it did not work out to the point of depression and despair. I know this is a common theme for many people, however the way you describe your experience really resonates with me.

- Seeing faces!!! This is so exciting to see this. I have never come across another instance in print or spoken to anyone else who has experienced this. It happened to me three times. First with my friend "A". We were sitting up late at night at my place and had been meditating together and talking about spiritual experiences. I saw his face "morph" into a male figure from biblical times - maybe one of Jesus's disciples. The second time was with my friend "B". It was at my place again and it was getting dark as the sun was setting and I had no lights on. We were sitting in my living room and I saw his face morph into that of another non-human being. It looked like a cross between a female lioness or some sort of big cat and a human, however I had the distinct impression that the "face" was of a male character from an ancient time. Not sure how this would fit in with he timeline of human life on Earth! The third time was also with "B" at night time. We were sitting in his car and his face aged and withered to that of a man hundreds of years old. It had a distinctly demonic feel too - it made me feel a little scared. I had a very strong connection with both these men - both were close friends who also shared a heavy interest in spirituality and we spent a lot of time together meditating and discussing spirituality.

- Insights and reading new meanings into familiar texts - this happened constantly to me. I would read things and really "get" them for the first time. I would have deep understandings and also receive direct energetic "downloads" of information from people (one friend in particular) as though I had lived through their experiences and now had their insights. It became much easier to learn things in this impressionistic way as opposed to logical thinking.

- Disturbing images. I too had these a few times before going to sleep. Again, this happened after time spent with spiritual friends. I came home and as I closed my eyes to go to sleep I would see what looked like demons and strange faces and dragon like creatures appear against the blackness of my closed eyes. These figures would always be in one colour (usually a red or yellow or orange) and whirl and writhe around and morph into each other like they were made from smoke. It was a moving vision, not static. Sounds very similar to yours.

- "a sense of reaching a certain level of enlightenment (one that I can deal with)" - this is where I am now. Not too keen to rock the boat and go any further just yet!

- stages of transformation on p.53 definitely resonate with me.

- not sure if this happened to you, but I sensed the theme - an inability to explain these new states or what was happening in words. I went into a stage of feeling that everything I had learned about the world up until now was useless and I could only really express myself through wordless feeling states and "being" with certain people and with nature. I lost complete interest in the intellectual/rational side of life.  Interestingly this is now much more integrated since I have discovered books and podcasts about these spiritual experiences and have started to learn a new "language" for talking about these things. I find I no longer need to "throw the baby out with the bathwater" so to speak, and can find a new balance between the world of logic and the world of intuiting.

- anxiety and sharing the pain of others. I found it incredibly difficult to be around certain people as I would pick up their energy and be completely drained. I am only now starting to be able to protect myself from this. Initially it was a constant drained state around other people that would often last for hours or days after I saw them. Now I can pick up almost instantly when it starts to happen in an interaction and stop it.

- finding it difficult to be around noisy busy places with lots of people and fluroscent lights. I avoid supermarkets! haha. I have moved away from the city now and find life much more harmonious when surrounded by nature and plenty of trees. I also find walking on the sand at the beach to be incredibly clearing and healing.

Much love,


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