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Friday, September 09, 2016

Past Life 

Past Life

How can I  know
who I was before?

A larger being,
now shrunk down
to human size,
to be reminded
of the difficulties of this plane,
how it is to be a mere member
of this particular species,
no one special?

Someone sent here
with an assignment
that I said yes to?
If so, what was it,
where is the document,
the agreement
with the map attached
to give me a guide?

Am I now someone waiting to be
 kissed again
by the spirit
reflected once more
in the wavering image
in my mirror?

Like a dream
that always disappears
around the corner of your mind
at the moment of
leaving behind only
vague images dissolving in air,
vanishing symbols and faces,
tiny clues
of what it might have been?

Dorothy Walters
September 4, 2016

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