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Sunday, September 04, 2016

Remembering Narcissus 

Remembering Narcissus

Remember Narcissus?
How he fell in love
with his own image
and leapt into the water
to join his beloved?

Always we are striving
to merge with
the ideal,
the perfect one
from the not quite seen.

Like two images
in the old time cameras
that had to merge
to obtain right focus.

We wonder which we are––
self or reflection,
flesh or image?

Dorothy Walters
September 4, 2016

I think that all of us are striving to become the ideal self that we would like to be.  Yet always we are called back, reminded that we are "merely human," with all of our faults and failings there to confront us.

But we do not give up.  We keep the image before us, beckoning us on, and indeed we do make progress, though the effort is great and the progress is slow.  We are, indeed, humans striving to be one with the spirit we carry within.  Sometimes it sings to us, and we dance in delight to that song.

(Unfortunately the Narcissus of mythology fell so in love with his own beautiful image that he gazed at it until he died.  We will, however, use this perfect image for other purposes.)

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