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Thursday, October 27, 2016

A Conversation Between Two Ecstatic Mystics 

Here is a conversation between two ecstatic mystics, prompted by the wonderful picture from Ookami Denissa.

Dorothy Walters
It (the picture of ecstatic union posted above) also depicts how we feel when the Beloved Within visits. In these states we can send healing energies to those in need with special effectiveness.

Sheila Foster
Sheila Foster Dorothy, YES! True ecstasy lights up every cell, blows our hearts open to Cosmic Union. Yes - LOVE pours thru us to every being as pure consciousness. What a Blessing to be on an ecstatic path.

Dorothy Walters
Hi, Sheila––So glad you understand this. I am not sure how many people enjoy this blessing. I also find some interesting reflections on Ookami's FB page. If this is not the way of our evolution into a state of higher consciousness, I don't know what is.

Sheila Foster
Ecstasy is what we are made of! We have it as small children where every stone or flower or puppy brings on child-size ecstasy. I trust that everyone has this capacity for ecstatic communion because it is the 'cosmic stuff' from which we are created. Unfortunately, I have heard over and over in my work with others that this ecstasy is often shut down, not allowed or recognized when we are small, and it either gets repressed or we have it in secret ways. I was able to somehow hide and keep my ecstatic self secret and to myself only until Kundalini Shakti arrived to remind me who i am and what my purpose is. In my work with women over nearly 40 years, i have had the honor of stewarding the Temple of the Sacred Feminine and walking with many women who, at some point on their path, came face to face with how they were not allowed or allowing their ecstasy to emerge. When Kundalini Ma decides we are ready, she makes Herself known to each of us in amazing and sometimes strange ways that upset the status quo. I see HER at work in the world this very moment... and in so many women and men! I bow to HER, i bow in deepest gratitude for this ecstatic life.

Note: The above is a conversation about being an ecstatic practitioner. Sheila and I have this experience in common. It is lovely to have someone to share such experience with, since not everyone understands this state of consciousness.
(picture by Ookami Denissa)

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