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Saturday, October 01, 2016

A Special Day 

Today was special. The aspen in the mountains are now in their fall glory, so my friend Dawn and her daughter Io and I headed into the high country to revel in their beauty. The weather was perfect and the beauty transcendent. When we came back to Boulder we ate at the Sherpa restaurant, one of the most interesting cafes in town.

Then, we returned to my apartment and Dawn was able to fix my internet connection (it had been down for a couple of days and I was quite lost without my"significant other.")  I was truly upset since I had no idea what to do about this issue, but it took Dawn all of 5 minutes to discover the problem and correct it.

Thanks, Dawn, for your friendship and your expertise.

P. S.    We listened to "Om Navah Shivaya" most of the way.  Perfect music for our journey.

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