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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Celebration of Christ and Kali tomorrow night at the Wesley Chapel in Boulder 

I will be reading a goddess poem as part of this event.  This pairing should be quite interesting.
I will try to attach the poem in a separate post.  May not work.

Kimberly Braun (0rganizer  )

There is a party happening and YOU are invited!!!
Tomorrow night is the kickoff celebration of TheikoSoma from 7-10pm Wesley Chapel. The Body of Kali, The Body of Christ

What to expect?
Music: Christian, Hebrew and Indian songs and chant
Poetry, Dance and Cello of Kali and Christ
Ecstatic Dance (8:15-10)
Conscecration of bread and wine
Optional food share
and lots of great people....every one of them.
Come for your own experience
Come for part or come for all!!!

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