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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Beloved Within––Ookami Denissa 

Look closely at this beautiful creation.  It depicts the truth of ecstasy––that it does not occur just in the major chakras, but rather it is a dance of all the atoms of our body in joy as they become part of Shiva's constant dancing to keep the world alive.  Everywhere thus is a portal to rapture.  This is how we feel when we are truly connected to the Beloved Within.  Then the subtle body opens in delight, and we may send loving energies to others in need.

Thank you, Ookami Denissa (artist) and Daniel Alcyone for sharing this!  I love it!

Dorothy Walters This beautiful piece of art reveals the truth––ecstasy is not confined to the major chakras. Instead, it involves every single pore and cell of the body, all of which dance in unison together––Shiva dancing to keep the world alive

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