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Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Nancy Rynes––Life in the Afterworld 

f the many accounts of life after death that I have read, this one from Nancy Rynes rings most true.  It is either the way it is or else the way I would like it to be.  Other writers also speak of the "life review" that occurs in the other realm, including Doris Lessing and W. B. Yeats.  I am particularly happy to learn that we will be informed of all of our past lives in this time of learning and integration.

"It is a realm of pure love, connectedness, intelligence, and consciousness."  This statement reminds me of the Hindu reference to "satchitananda" (being, consciousness, bliss.)  Essentially these assertions are saying the same thing.  I assume that one has "being" (individuality) even in the heavenly realms.

Nancy Rynes, as you may recall, went through a major Near Death Experience a few years ago after she was run over and then dragged by a truck while she was riding her bike in the countryside near Denver.  Her book " Awakenings from the Light" is available from Amazon in various formats, including a Kindle edition.  I recommend it highly.

I received this article because I am signed up for her "e-mail" list.  Part one of this narrative is available from the archives.

The "speaker" here is that of her guide.

Life in Review, Part 2

(This is the continuation of my article about life reviews. Haven't seen the Part One? Click here to read an archived copy.)

As was said before, your life review will be designed to help you learn and grow from the experience of your human body on earth. It is a debriefing session in a way, similar to what soldiers might do at the end of a mission. Except we are not soldiers of war...we are soldiers of Divine love :-)

As your life review progresses, you will gradually begin to see and experience the larger view of reality. You will be shown quite clearly how your human life fits into the larger scope of existence, into the fabric of the universe, and to Divine love. And you will learn as well if there are amends to make for acts that cause harm. But that is a conversation you will have with the Divine and with your guides.

You will progressively lose your attachment to your human form as you journey your way back to a being of Spirit and Light, consciousness and Divine energy. As through this process you have choices, you can at this time choose not to go on to the brighter realm of Heaven. It is a choice you make in your heart, and the majority of souls choose to continue on to the realm of Spirit, Love, and Divine Presence.

Once you again choose Spirit, after your review you move on to the true vaults of the realm you call Heaven. It is a realm of pure love, connectedness, intelligence, and consciousness. It is here you will work with your guides and the angelic beings to more fully reintegrate with what is.

And it is here that you will finally remember it all. By this time you will have full memory of every life you have ever lived or will live, and how they relate to each other and to the greater entirety of the universe. Your guides will help you as you need it—sometimes this process can overwhelm the newly-returned. But in time, you remember all in return to your true self—that self that is connected to the All, to She who Gifts life, to Wisdom, and to He who is the Divine Center/Spirit/God.

At any time along your re-entry to Spirit, family and friends may show up to help you along. Your guides only allow them to come to you if they have first processed their own lives. They must go through the full life review and re-entry process themselves before they are allowed to assist.

The vaults of Heaven, indeed the entire universe, now stand before you. You may learn, serve, or go back to a different life. You may choose to journey the cosmos as well. Or you may make your amends in whatever way was agreed on.

While you do have many choices, once you choose again to serve the Divine, you will want to be on a specific path or program. The path is there for your own learning, development, and experience. The learning process is so that you can expand your own presence, your own love, and your own link to Divinity. Remember, you are a part of the Divine Presence but you are also an individual. One of many. Part of the Many who are One. And your soul's purpose is ultimately to contribute to the Divine, to God, and to love.



A couple of notes here: remember that "time" is truly relative. We in the physical experience the passage of time as linear. The true realm of "Heaven" does not...at least not from our perspective. As we move up through higher and higher energy levels after death, gradually returning to the full experience of Heaven, time loses its grip on us. Another thing to note is that throughout the process after transitioning, we can continuously choose whether or not to continue on to Spirit, to the Divine, to God. We always have the choice available to us at the time of transitioning, before our life review, and after it. Most of us embrace Divine Light continuously and so the transition is seamless and uninterrupted.

And you can probably tell, this series wasn't solely written "by" me. I had a lot of teachings from my Guide before I was able to put pen to paper, so to speak.

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