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Saturday, October 08, 2016

Saraswati Mantra and a running creek 

Saraswati Mantra | OM Shreem Hreem Saraswatyai Namah Meditation Chant Mantra by Shailendra Bharati

See Mantra Sarasvati Meditation

This is a mantra I listened to on YouTube this morning.  It is very powerful, filled with shakti power.  It awakened sweet energies throughout.

I urge you to listen to this lovely chant and enjoy a wonderful meditation, as I did.

P.S.  Later, when I wanted to listen to it again, I could not find the recording that seemed to be the one I had listened to earlier.  I'll keep on trying.

Then this afternoon I had another surprising experience, this time by standing on the sidewalk and looking down on the rushing water in the creek below.  This time it was my root chakra that was mainly involved.  Another unexpected manifestation of the Beloved, who always seems to offer something new.  

But we must stop and attend to provide space for such phenomena to occur.

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