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Monday, November 28, 2016

Reminder of Poetry Reading, December 3, Caritas 

Reminder:  Sacred Poetry Reading at Caritas

Including Music Provided by Kabir!

Saturday, December 3 from  7:00 – 9:00 pm.
$20 General Public; $15 Caritas Members; $10 Students

“Poetry has an immediate effect on the mind.  The simple act of reading poetry alters thought patterns and the shuttle of the breath. Poetry induces trance.  Its words are chant.  Its rhythms are drumbeats. Its images become the icons of the inner eye.  Poetry is more than a description of the sacred experience; it carries the experience itself.” – Ivan Granger

Dorothy Walters, PhD. joined her first poetry writing circle in the first grade, and went on, predictably, to take a PhD in English literature.  After experiencing intense Kundalini awakening in 1981 while she was a professor of English and Women’s Studies at Wichita, Kansas, State University, she began concentrating on writing sacred poetry.  She is much inspired by Rumi and other such poets. She has now published four volumes of poetry plus (recently) a collection called “Some Kiss We Want: Poems Selected and New.” She writes a blog at ww.kundalinisplendor.blogspot.com (Poems and Reflections on the Spiritual Journey) as well as a Facebook page under her name. She has also published a spiritual memoir “Unmasking the Rose: A Record of a Kundalini Initiation.”

Habiba Kabir has been walking and guiding others on the Sufi Path for nearly 40 years. As a master of listening to the wisdom of the present moment, she is the author of the book, “Embracing a New Planetary Consciousness.”  She lives with her beloved husband, Kabir, in Boulder, Colorado.

Peggy Wrenn grew up in Boulder, CO.  Professionally she worked in renewable energy, energy efficiency and affordable housing in both the State of Colorado, the City of Boulder and Thistle Community Housing.  She also worked as an editor, a writer and an assistant to Dr. Jeremy Geffen promoting his whole-person, integrative medicine program called Seven Levels of Healing.  Peggy also writes poems.  Now she dreams up a new world, a just, sustainable world. We are co-creating a new era of no separation, understanding we are One Human Family.  We are here, being born into the Aquarian Age!

Ivan M. Granger is the founder and editor of the Poetry Chaikhana, a publishing house and online resource for sacred poetry from around the world.  He is the author of “Real Thirst: Poetry of the Spiritual Journey” and editor of “The Longing in Between: A Poetry Chaikhana Anthology.” His poetry and translations have been included in several magazines and anthologies.

 Swamiji is a preeminent scholar and teacher of the Science of Yoga, Hindu Philosophy, and Comparative Religion. He has been the Director of the International Vishwaguru Yoga and Meditation Institute (Rishikesh, India) from its inception to November 2010. He is now permanently settled in America and is living in Loveland. His lectures, especially his mode of presentation with humor, stories and anecdotes, have earned him wide acclaim.

If you wish to bring a poem to read, your or another's, please do so.

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