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Friday, November 04, 2016

Tesla's views compared with ancient theories 

"If you wish to understand the universe, think energy, frequency, vibration."

Nicholas Tesla

This statement from Nicholas Tesla sums up nicely what contemporary physics is deciding (based on quantum studies) and also what the ancient rishis believed, as presented in such texts as the "Spanda Karikas."  "Spanda" means pulsation and the word "Karikas" simply means commentary on.  So this ancient text is a disquisition on cosmology, as understood by these venerable wise men and women many centuries ago.  In this view, the universe began with a single throb, which sent forth vibrations of certain frequencies to form the world that we know.  (I have commented before that the best source for "Spanda Karikas" is the NYU edition of a few years ago, with an impressive forward by Paul Ortega-Muller.  Alas, this edition is hard to locate, and can be very expensive, though Google Play has some available for around $35.)

 Of course, these early writers had no access to modern laboratories or various other research tools.  Where did their knowledge come from?  It seems evident that they were informed by what is called "divine inspiration," or through input from other realms.

There are many other parallels in the ancient sources with today's scientific views, such as the notion that the universe began from a tiny particle that exploded (big bang theory) and the early assertion that all started from a "seed."

These parallels are fascinating, and so are the views of Tesla, one of the greatest scientists of all time, whose work was scorned and ridiculed during his own lifetime, but who is finally being given his due as his many inventions are now coming into use and his theories are being finding wide acceptance.

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