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Friday, November 11, 2016

You Are Loved 

Marek Peter Kaziniec

Regardless of how afraid you might be or how little you understand, try to have your very own mystic experience, for in the end it will not be volumes or even libraries of information that you have read that you will remember, but those totally unexplainable, mysterious, living experiences of the unknown, and there is nothing to fear. 

This comment leads to a very important consideration.  No matter what the outer circumstances are, we still have our inner world of connection to "source."  We still are aware of the universal love that sustains us, no matter what.  We can still go to our private place of joy and sometimes even bliss.  We can still reach out to and be comforted by our friends. We can still gather together in groups to celebrate and reaffirm our faith in each other and the Beloved.  We have nature, music, art, our beloved animal friends, creativity and still other resources to sustain us.

Mystics have relied on this path and thus survived from time immemorial.  Often there was chaos outside, but they found calm and peace, even rapture, within.

I am not suggesting that we should withdraw from all social action to try to change or correct bad circumstances.  Of course, we should stay informed and perhaps engage in needed activism.

But this is a time to remember who we are.  For me, that means that we must hold to our realization that we are each part of an indescribable world wide transition, a move into the next stage of the evolution of consciousness.  And that transformation will continue, no matter what may happen in the world of politics and other public arenas.

The bottom line, as always, is love.  Love received and given, to and from each other and through that mystery called Kundalini, the vast love force of the universe itself.

Connect with the spirit within.  It will sustain you through this and all crises.  It is who you are.

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