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Thursday, December 01, 2016

Luna Bliss––Snatam Kaur and the Kansas Plains––poem 


Snatam Kaur exits the old Kansas courthouse.
(Close your eyes just a bit
And you might see Wyatt Earp riding up from the dusty plains)

White turban, scarf flowing, Snatam dances to the rhythm of the earth.

I was once in that ancient courthouse.
Fighting for my wife to keep her kids
The audience looking for horns on my lesbian head
As I tried so hard to look human.

Come On Snatam, let's dance, I'm free.

     By Luna Bliss (Laine Thompson)

I remembered Luna Bliss from many decades past when she was a student at the Kansas state university where I taught.  Her wife was indeed facing possible loss of her children because she was a lesbian.  And indeed,  at that time lesbians were seen as virtually wearing horns on their heads.  All these years later, Luna is following a deep spiritual path and the world looks at lesbians with a very different perspective.
I was delighted and surprised to hear from her today after so many years.

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