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Thursday, December 08, 2016

Melissa Eshwa Reed--Her Kundalini experience 

Note: Melissa wrote the following as a response to another writer's account on FB.  Since she published it as a response, I took the liberty of republishing it here.  I am always grateful when people are willing to share their experiences, for I believe what one friend said, "We must be teachers to one another."

Melissa Eshwa Reed

I too am a kundalini survivor. And I moved through her rising alone. And having survived her deep cleansing and radicle intuitive openings I bridge worlds. I attempt to walk in balance deeply mindful of the internal power to manipulate, morph, and change energies as an accelerator, via negative intention, or by healing transformation. The bliss was once profoundly overwhelming, clear seeing deeply painful, and purging of lifetimes of trauma disorienting. But I have arrived and my vessel wonders, what now? What now do I do with the knowledge? But she continues to work through me in mysterious ways. We are keepers and tenders of the fire.

Melissa Eshwa Reed

I love that you write of fear of going insane. When subconscious trauma catapults to awareness simultaneous to the awakening of the siddhis there is so much confusion. And many people in the absence of teacher become lost between realms of existence completely dissociated from our reality in earthly duality. I will always be grateful for the inner knowing I had to stay centered and for my spirit guides who helped me get grounded when I nearly spun off. No more fear. Not after what I emerged from.

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