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Saturday, December 31, 2016

New Year's Eve 

It was New Year's Eve and I was alone.  This was no problem, since I had been with friends at a spiritual gathering all afternoon and now was happy to be  in my own home.

Something had come up in our conversation about sound as related to the chakras.  One ancient Hindu theory holds that each chakra emits a special sound, and when it does so, that is proof of an awakened Kundalini.

I myself have never had such an experience.  Nor have I had the distance viewing or distance hearing that some have spoken of.  However, my friend described her own awakening that had included much sound, not in each chakra, but first as one note, then as the sound of everything that exists, then one and all at the same time.  This overwhelming experience had seriously unnerved her, almost shattering her psyche.  She never repeated it.

I stepped over to my bookcase to see if I had anything that would speak to the chakra/sound  topic.  I have many books on Kundalini, Tantra, energy healing and the like and now I stood in front of them seeking something on this subject.  I pulled out three books on tantra and thought how I would love to have time to read them once more, rather than being so bound to the computer for so much of my time (my choice, however).

Then the unexpected happened.  I felt soft Kundalini stirring in the root chakra.  It was gentle and sweet and filled with bliss.  So I did my familiar practice of moving my hands in circles up my body and as I did so, there was soft and blissful awakening in almost every chakra.

This was indeed a novel experience––Kundalini aroused not from reading but just by the presence of sacred texts.    Each time it is something new, something I have never heard of, something precious. Indeed, the process never ends.  It is always something unexpected, something more refined, always more subtle.

And I have never had anyone who could explain any of this to me.  Each of us is unique, and must make the journey for ourselves.  Sometimes it is a lonely path, however much bliss or ecstasy we may encounter on the way.  I think of John O'Donohue's words when he spoke of being 'betrothed to the invisible."

Then I sat down and asked for an image, and I saw (inwardly) a mother with a child in her lap.  I do not think it was the usual Mary and Baby Jesus representation, but rather pointed to the birth of the New Year and also, for me, the birth of a new self with the coming era.
But, of course, we are all of us being constantly born anew, with each instant of time as it unfolds.

And then I realized this image carried an even deeper message.  We are––all of us––being reshaped into a new configuration, the divine human.  This is the omega point that Teilhard spoke of, the destination foreseen by such writers as Shri Aurobindo.  We catch glimpses and taste of that new state of being now and again, but the progress itself is clear.
It is happening world wide as more and more are undergoing spiritual awakening, often propelled by Kundalini itself, for Kundalini is the god force, the goddess force, the ultimate creative energy of the universe itself.  It is source and end, beginning and ongoing process that never ends.

We are here at this time in history to witness and participate this marvelous transition of the human into the new formulation.

Happy New Year indeed, and blessings to all.


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