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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

"Ever Our Beginning"––poem by Dorothy 

Ever Our Beginning

This, then, is ever our beginning.

It is never easy,
this moving ahead,
this coming to the place
where you and the Other
are one.

You have come here
in the way
that your are.

You will leave
much the same,
not wearing wigs
and false robes,
nor assuming the guise
of all your past authorities
but rather in the innocence
of what has always been you,
the hallmark
of your special
even as now
the wind speaks its secrets,
howling down the mountain
the rain making its way
into our hearts,
as we strain
to grasp
what is being said,
to hear the message
hidden in the
tight bud unfolding,
the cloud passing overhead
into the violet sun,
all fading in silence
and somewhere a whisper:

This is your beloved
arriving to embrace you
in a final recognition.
Be silent and attend.

Dorothy Walters
January 9, 2017
(inspired by Eliot, "East Coker")

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