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Monday, January 02, 2017

Hildegard of Bingen 

Dear Viriditas Community,

On a recent Lufthansa flight from Frankfurt to Denver, I discovered a new album called Dom by Blank and Jones. As I listened, I felt this powerful wave of Joy flow through my being. This German DJ and Producer duo combined the music of Saint Hildegard and powerful electronic sounds to launch a spectacular multimedia concert in the Cologne Cathedral last summer. What is the Joy about that these two men accessed in their phenomenal creation?

from Jeannine Goode-Allen

Saint Hildegard speaks to this Joy in her song O Viridissima Virga which will be at the heart of the second group event in the series Healing With Saint Hildegard on January 7th.  In this song she writes:

     “So the skies rained dew on the grass
     and the whole Earth exulted,
     for Her womb brought forth wheat,
     and the birds of Heaven
     made their nests in it.
     Then food was prepared for humans
     And great Joy for the banqueters.
     So, in You, sweet Virgin,
     No Joy ever fails.”

I believe we are all called to be the sweet Virgin in whom no Joy ever fails. Blank and Jones certainly succeeded in this last year. The Joy I accessed while listening to their music is created when we “bring forth wheat”, when we access our own divine nature and out of that nature CREATE.

Please join me on January 7th between 3:30pm and 5:00pm in the Viriditas Studio and let the music of St. Hildegard help you access your divine nature. We will be exploring what our “wombs” are meant to bring forth in 2017 so that we can know that in US no joy ever fails. Join me on the 7th so I can help you have a JOYOUS NEW YEAR!

Click here to purchase your ticket today.

In Viriditas,

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