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Monday, January 09, 2017

Kundalini Rapture––Stephan Tracy 

by Stephen Tracy

Oh wonders of wonders when the serpent of Shakti / Kundalini is released!
Grace upon grace surges through all my chakras, filling every finite aspect of my being with infinite radiance of divine Love and Light!
The higher Self takes over every cell and molecule of my body. Bliss and dynamic cosmic energy shoot in and out of all that I am. My body becomes a divine channel / a vessel of radiant, powerful life force. Each breath draws in and releases this radiant energy of infinite Light. The vibrations flow like waves of surging power - like a wave in the ocean, building, building, then peaking at the crest and releasing all its energy as it falls down back into its self - into infinite stillness of perfect peace.
Oh blissful, sweet grace of heaven.
Oh blissful, never ending love.
Oh blissful Light and Joy.
Oh blissful surge of God.
Oh blissful I AM - one with the universe, with infinite Grace.
Oh blissful Shakti / Grace of heaven.
How I worship and love thee within my entire being.
Oh great divine Lover, Shakti / Kali / Kundalini.
Oh sacred feminine sweetness of bliss, compassion, love, joy, sublime beauty.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you - for accepting me and filling me with your beauty bliss of eternal divine Love. I am humbled by Your great love dwelling within me.
Om. Shanti, Shanti, Shanti...

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