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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Launching "Some Kiss We Want: Poems Selected and New" 

Launching "Some Kiss We Want: Poems Selected and New"

It took place last Friday and again on Saturday.  It was the reading and book launch of my latest volume, "Some Kiss We Want: Poems Selected and New."

For me, this event was the culmination of a long lifetime of writing and entering close communion with what I call "the Beloved Within," and what many feel is in fact the Holy Spirit of the Bible (Kundalini).

Andrew Harvey had come from many miles away to help me read and then sign these volumes that were available.  Before the  first evening was over, we had in effect sold out. Andrew himself is a noted world teacher and writer and spiritual leader, beloved by thousands over the world.  He has long been my supporter and mentor.  He himself had insisted that I publish spiritual poetry many years ago, and he has continued to encourage my efforts ever since.  He was the motivating force for this book.

Andrew is well known and his name alone was enough to fill the hall (about 100 people).  They consisted of what Flannery O'Connor called "the right (audience)." These are the Rumi lovers, the devotees of the Mother, the friends of the light.  Many were touched at a very deep level by these poems, and many wept as they listened, for such poems may enter the soul at a very deep level.  A love field was created, and this energy spread over the entire group.

As various ones came forward to get their books signed, one woman told me that she had never liked poetry before until she heard these verses.

Some even chose to come back a second night.

For me, this evening was perhaps the highlight of my life.  It represented a culmination and a verification of that path I have followed for virtually all of my life.  I felt surrounded by loving friends and sweet energies of love.

A documentary was made of the evening and I hope it will be available soon for those who could not attend in person.  In the meantime, this book (along with those separate volumes on which it is based) is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble .

I am still trying to "come down" from such excitement.  Indeed, I feel blessed in all ways.

And may each of you be kissed by the Spirit many times over.

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