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Saturday, January 14, 2017

More from Neeta Sharma and her awakening of the third eye 

Here is more from Neeta Sharma on the awakening of her third eye.  This time I am not going to edit her description but let her tell it in her own words. (I assume that since she is from India, English is not her first language.  Overall she is quite fluent.)

My 5th Dimensional Expansion Experience––Continued
by Neeta Sharma Kumar

I was feeling bit restless entire night and had divine experience early in the morning.. There appeared golden fishing net like layer in front of me, which was suddenly pulled away bring in light loads of it. It appeared to me like I had finally gone through the process of moulting like snakes.

My root chakra cleared, healed and activated and this process of cleansing , healing, regenerating and activating of all my 7 chakras continued. Thus completely clearing and activating the meridians first Ida(mental force of consciousness-feminine energy), Pingala( vital and active life force- masculine energy) and the Sushmana ( Kundalini) . This once again caused to awakening of Kundalini experience at microcosm,macrocosm and megacosm. A fountain of energy [emerged] ; light started to flow from a height beyond my human comprehension.

My Ida( female) meridian got completely cleared, clearing my feminine aspects of my past lives as well as female ancestors. This activated my Pingala meridian, clearing my masculine aspects of my past lives and male ancestors too. It appeared to have completely cleared my physical body and started to work at meridian aspect and cleansing, clearing my meridians and subtle body layers/koshas-- Annamaya Kosha ( physical body), Pranamaya Kosha( meridians), Manomaya Kosha( emotional mind and senses) Vijanamaya Kosha( intuitive) and Anandamaya Kosha( bliss) . Thus, this  led to activation of  my cosmic and spiritual consciousness.

This lead to activation of my Naval consciousness - seat of 72 meridians and divine union of male and female consciousness at each chakras, in my body and beyond making me active SRI YANTRA., activating first vibration of manifestation and creation.

Then, once again had  Kundalini awakening experience like  pulsation in my root chakra leading to rush of energy upward through my spine out of my crown chakra and shower of energy and light like fountain .....still in the bliss... It seems I have escaped the 3D dense energy finally.....Some huge chakaras activated ( beyond my body size)... gratitude..

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