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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

"Nostalgia"––poem by Dorothy 


"Bodily decrepitude is wisdom.
Young, we loved and were innocent."
                           W. B . Yeats

Have you ever thought about
how it was
when you were young
and full of so much energy
and ready for what came

Have you looked at yourself,
sitting there,
listening to "Death and the
or up in the mountains
with your friends,
picnicking and
drinking too much wine?
Or holding hands with the
one you loved, the one
you met last week at
the party?

Have you looked at yourself,
who you were then?
Truly innocent,
though you did not
feel that way
at the time?

When you thought your knew something,
had it all figured out?

Unaware of
what was going
to come your way,
the journey ahead,
and all its twists
and unexpected turns?

All the exaltation
and loneliness,
the soaring sprits
and the times
of dark depressions?

The surprises
that came from oh, such
unexpected sources,
as you played out
a script
that was written elsewhere
in a secret code
that you alone understood?

Dorothy Walters
January 24, 2017

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