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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Some Unusual Phenomena 

Some Unusual Phenomena

I can't help it. I am interested in the many unusual, fringe, unbelievable phenomena that seem to be occurring all around us.  I am currently reading a book by Don Daniels called "Becoming a Cosmic Citizen."  In this book, he begins with a sighting of a UFO which he signaled with two blinks of light and then was answered by two responding blinks.  I don't know what the rest of the book will hold, but this one incident is itself something to ponder.

Just now I looked at Patty Greer's website at www.PattyGreer. net.  Patty has for years visited and filmed the crop circles in England.  Her films are themselves beautiful, and reveal the intricate and aesthetic patterns woven into the fields of wheat, corn, and other crops by these unknown entities.  She even includes a film of two orbs in the process of creating these formations, and captures the tracks of their digital communications with one another as they buzz over the land.  She also presents the strange digital code embedded in one of the circles, this being the same code sent into space some years back by the U. S. as an effort to communicate with space beings.

Of special interest to me was her revelation that as she lay in the center of the crop circles, she felt intense energies entering her body.  I am fascinated by energy events since I am convinced (like many others) that we live in a vast field of energy and that when we experience Kundalini awakening, we are tapping into and connecting with the life force itself, the energy that underlies and sustains all of creation.  Some call this God, some Brahma, some of us the Beloved.  Whatever the name, it denotes immeasurable and indescribable energy and we are all part of it, whether we are conscious of this or not.

Another area that has captured my own recent interest is that of "beings" who appear in consciousness or perhaps manifest externally for certain witnesses.  I have just listened to a friend's account of an incident some years past when she saw the figure of Jesus as she was meditating with a group with her eyes closed.  This being was brilliantly lighted and surrounded in colors not seen on earth.  He radiated immeasurable love.  When she opened her eyes, she saw that her hands had automatically lifted above her head and were pointing to the woman next to her, who was seriously ill.

Now all of the above might be explained away as delusion or imagination, except for the fact that when she asked her friend what his experience had been during the meditation, he described the same image of Jesus, the same message, and found his hands had unconsciously lifted and were also pointed to the same ill woman.

As a result of this life changing experience, my friend has dedicated herself to healing others through spiritual/mental/energetic means and, with the assistance of helpers from other planes, she and her fellow healers have helped many heal and improve.

Another friend recently described to me an incident in which two very tall beings not of human origin appeared before her.  She was not alone in this visitation.  A friend was with her, and he also saw these visitors.

What am I or any of us to make of such events?  Obviously, to quote Shakespeare, "There is more on heaven and earth than you or I can dream of."  Indeed, we live at the heart of mystery, and although science makes some progress in unraveling the apparent material makeup of the world about, what we have learned in this way is minuscule compared with the vast enigma that is the cosmos and we human occupants of our one small planet.

I feel the best approach is to investigate all that comes our way that captures our imagination, but to tread slowly, not necessarily drawing a final conclusion about the validity or truth of any, but always keeping an open mind.  In the meantime, I feel that each unique individual experience provides a tiny piece of the giant puzzle that surrounds us.

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