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Monday, January 02, 2017

Swami's Prayer for Christmas and the New Year 

Swamiji's Prayer for Christmas and the New Year

Let us realize our inner strength and potential and learn to rejoice in the glory of our Self.
Let us learn to dream and fulfill that dream without fear of criticism or misunderstanding.
Let us not expect someone else to make our life richer or fuller or more satisfying.
Let us not wait for the tomorrow. Let us cherish each present moment and forget the morrow.
Let us accept people as they are and not judge them in accordance with our personal ideas and experiences.
Let us accept and respect viewpoints contrary to our own.
Let us follow the dictates of our conscience even if they clash with the views of all those around us.
Let us take the courage to walk alone if necessary in our chosen path.
Let us strive to satisfy the longings of our heart even if doing so is ridiculed by our family or elders or peers.
Let us learn to convert our pain and weaknesses into instruments of change and growth.
Let us strive to develop more tolerance, acceptance, calmness and forgiveness with each passing day.

Love and blessings,
Yogacharya Dharmananda (Swamiji)

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