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Thursday, January 26, 2017

"Who You Are"––poem by Dorothy 

Who You Are

How the body is put together,
with its tender fastenings,
its mysterious openings,
its muscles working in
smooth coordination
to convey it
where it wishes to go,
how it changes
from year to year,
from day to day,
its cells working in collusion
to carry it always
into a new formulation,
how the face communicates
its signals
wherever it goes,
whether it is
happy or sad
or puzzled
or plotting,
how the inner and outer,
organs and coverings
are part
of the same being,
the same oneness
that is bound together
to make the unique creation,
the one combination
that is you,
present here,
spirit’s abode,
soul’s habitation,
never to be encountered
in time’s endless

Dorothy Walters
From: Some Kiss We Want
Poems Selected and New

(click on the picture to enlarge and you will see the skeleton in the corner, as a reminder.)

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