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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A Question 

A Question

I have never had a spiritual teacher or guide (in terms of energetic awakening experiences.)  Nor have I ever found anyone who could explain to me the various states I have encountered along the way, from the intense ecstasy of the beginning to the more subtle states of recent years.  Thus I have been, of necessity, a "solitary practitioner," exploring more and more delicate stages of bliss, guided only by the "guru within," the every present consciousness of the higher self, leading me always into higher and higher states of awareness, softer and more tender as the years have passed.

To my surprise, I continue to have "surprise visits" from the goddess, experiences of grace and connection through bliss to the divine reality that is the great mystery.

A few days ago I had another such surprise, in a way still new to me.  I was listening to a Youtube recital of Indian music by Ty Burhoe, when my head and its surroundings opened to sweet and tender bliss.  I intuitively raised my arms and as they extended upwards, the field of delight continued to expand.  Ultimately, I moved my hands down my entire body (never touching), and as I did, the waves of joy entered each area of my being.

Then, a few days later, I was simply standing in my kitchen, contemplating breakfast, when I felt bliss in the lower chakras (unusual for me).  I had heard a talk the day before on opening the third eye and wondered if I could send my this first and second energy to my head and to the location of the third eye (pineal gland).  And this did happen.  I first felt the sweet energies rise and surround my head, then they seemed to enter and locate a place I took for the pineal gland.  All was very sensuous, very sweet.

My question is this:  What is going on here?  Am I stroking my aura when I move my hands in circles near my body or what?  To me, all this is still a mystery, one that I am grateful for but cannot explain.  I have never heard of anyone having similar experiences.

If anyone has any thoughts on or knowledge of these phenomena, I would like to hear from you.  I feel the bliss is a way of entering divine connection, but the rest is mystery.

The Secret Lover

Stroke of feather on flesh, not flesh.

Touch of silk on body, not body.

Light playing over water, not water.

Each movement, breath, ananda.

Dorothy Walters

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