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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Hank Wesselman––Shamanic Guide to Becoming a Navigator of Light 

Hank Wesselman––Becoming a Navigator of Light

I have just listened to a free one hour introduction to Hank Wesselman's upcoming webinar on Shift called "Becoming a Navigator of Light."  Hank is himself an experienced shamanic guide.  He is extremely articulate and quite familiar with many spiritual traditions, including Zen Buddhism, Tibetan Buddism, Hawaiin  kahuna beliefs, as well as shamanism old and new,

Much of what he presented was, to be honest, familiar to me, since I have been involved in spiritual work of various kinds for many years.  However, I am always interested in the formulations of such "perennial wisdom" from the perspective of various sources.  I like to review the parallels between the many traditions and discover how they are alike or differ.

However, I did learn some things that were new and gave me materials to reflect on.  He explained that shamans now living believe that a new form of shamanism is appearing in our world as more and more people are "awakened" to their true nature and thus connect with traditional truths in a new way.  This is an essential process for each generation as it formulates its own belief systems in a way appropriate for the times.

I was intersted in his discussion of the various levels of spiritual consciousness, from the lower realms through the bardos and on to the subtle/astral levels (I have always had difficult in distinguishing these.)  He described the role of our spirit guides and the councils of the highest level, who  consult with us as we forge our soul contracts for each incarnation.  He explained our "soul pods," those we meet many times in our various incarnations in differing guises, always learning from these experiences.

All of these and other topics are to be explored in detail in his upcoming webinar.  You can read fuller descriptions of the different modules at
Navigators of Light with Hank Wesselman - The Shift Network ...
https://support.theshiftnetwork.com/.../115002299887-Navigators-of-Light-with-Hank Wesselman

To listen to the free introduction to the webinar,  google his name and that of the webinar, and then sign up to register for this replay of his earlier presentation on Shift Network.

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