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Thursday, February 02, 2017

Patricia Lay-Dorsey––"An Open Letter to Spiritual Seekers" 

from Patricia Lay Dorsey

An Open Letter to Spiritual Seekers ~

Many of us would like to think that what is happening with Donald Trump in the White House is a political issue, one that is causing divisions in our people based on those who support him and those who do not. We might see it as differences in partisan politics, in ideology, in how the government should work or not work, in our views on abortion, immigration, oil pipelines, affordable health care, walling out Mexicans and such. We may not like what is happening, but in many cases, we cannot see how this affects us personally. So we remain silent.

In my opinion, this is no longer a political issue but a spiritual one. It is all about how we see ourselves as humans. in relationship to the Divine. How do we pray? Do we pray in mosques, churches, synagogues, ashrams or at home with our children before they go to sleep? Do we seek Divinity in a special book, ritual, meditation or mystical experience? Are we looking for enlightenment that will remove us from this world and set us on a higher plane?

I have a spiritual friend who died in 2010; her name is Nan Merrill. Perhaps you have heard of her or have even read her book, "Psalms For Praying: An Invitation to Wholeness." I remember during the first and second U.S. wars against Iraq Nan told me she "prayed" the news on TV every night. That was where she found God. At that time, I thought I knew what she meant. But I didn't. Not then. It is only now that I am beginning to understand.

If I don't find the Divine in every person in the world, I will never find Her/His enlightenment. And in my 74 years I have never before experienced such a worldwide spiritual crisis as the one that is swirling around Donald Trump. I do not call him evil, but I do see him appealing to our worst human impulses. Probably through no fault of his own. I would imagine this is how he was raised as a child.

Now is the time for action, and I don't just mean marching in the streets. I mean digging deep into our souls to find both the best and the worst of who we are. This worldwide crisis is reflected inside each of us. But the global healing that is required to save our planet and its people is more than personal; it is communal. We must break out of our shells, extend our hands and hearts to our sisters and brothers around the world, and find a way to transcend the fear and hatred that keeps us apart.

Yes, we are in the midst of a spiritual crisis not a political one. And it will take all of our energy and fortitude to find our way to the place of Oneness that brings healing and wholeness. This is the moment for which we were created. Let us move forward with fearless intensity and unbridled hope. We are already halfway there.

Note: Patricia Lay-Dorsey is one of my dearest and oldest friends.  She herself has been a staunch advocate for democratic and human values for many years, someone willing to engage in action as well as rhetoric.  She is a gifted photographer and her work is recognized now by a very wide audience.  She also is the person who first set up this blog as a gift to me several years ago.  Here she expresses in eloquent and insightful language the nature of the crisis we all face today.  You can see more of her work and comments on Instagram.

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