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Friday, February 03, 2017

Sister Giant––Spirituality and Politics 

 This is an important event.  It is essential that we understand the essential connection between these two commitments.  Note that you can view it live stream as well as in person,

Dear Friends,

Our friend, Marianne Williamson, is hosting an event in Washington DC in February that I feel can be a significant turning point for our community, and for our country. The times in which we live call for a critical re-evaluation of our relationship to life around us - to our fellow citizens, to our country and to our world. The search for authenticity, for our deep humanity, should not stop at the door to politics. If anything, it should extend deeply into realms that affect so powerfully the existence of earth's billions of inhabitants.

SISTER GIANT DC will be highlighting the intersection of spirituality and politics - never before has this theme been so urgent. SISTER GIANT will be an important gathering of progressive spiritual and political voices. We'll come together to forge a deep conversation about the state of our country and ways in which each of us, particularly now, can help move it in a more enlightened direction. I plan to attend and I hope you'll join me, either live in Washington, or by Live Stream.

During this time of national tumult, SISTER GIANT will provide us the opportunity to rethink our country, together. The question on many of our hearts at the moment is, "Where do we go now?" At SISTER GIANT we will discuss our options.

Additional details and registration information may be found here: www.sistergiant.com .

Again, I hope to see you there.



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