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Monday, February 20, 2017

The God Particle 

The God Particle

They call it
the God Particle

They found it
by whirling tiny little bits
of things, not matter,
around in a huge,
expensive machine.

After years of effort,
they finally trapped it,
named it the God Particle,
the one they were looking for
that holds everything

Finally, the puzzle was solved.

At last, they knew
had caught it
like an animal,
a wolf
or a bear
in a device.

a little girl
in India
was dancing
in joy.
She sighed as
she felt something within,
something she did not really
have a name for,
it was "ecstasy,"
and she announced as
she twirled,
"See, I am feeling
the God within,
like a wee something circulating
in my blood,
like whatever it is
that holds the world together,
I call it Love."

Dorothy Walters
February 19, 2017

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