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Saturday, February 18, 2017

The Leader: Alice Once More 

The Leader

He thinks he is
a king or an old time Russian czar.

He claims he won
a mandate,
when he lost
by millions
of votes.

He says he had a big
at his inauguration,
but the pictures tell
a different story.

He tells us
that he won the most
electoral votes since R. R.,
even though
the facts show otherwise.

He insists that millions
of voters
cast illegal ballots,
though no one can
find any evidence.

He describes non existent busses
bringing invisible voters
into a New England state.
No one saw them.

He accuses the press
of hiding many
terrorist attacks,
and gives no proof
or reason why.

He bans millions of
of another religion
from coming,
in order to keep us safe.
Thus are created untold numbers
of new militants,
now radicalized and intent on revenge.
Gasoline on fire.

He plans to build a wall
that will bankrupt
the nation,
says another country will pay.
They do not agree.

He tears mothers from families
sending them home
because they are rapists
and murderers.
The children weep.

Herr Doktor
in charge of mental classifications
he is not mad and says
we should deal with
such matters
"by political means."

How do you pass laws
against such notions?
What reality
do we embrace?
Alice is back in Wonderland
once more.

Dorothy Walters
February 17, 2017

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