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Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Mother 

The Mother

You thought that you
would be treated like a person.

You thought that you would
be classed
as a human being.
someone with needs
and feelings.

Just because you had
lived here
for 20 years,
no major transgressions,
no record of
significant misdoings.

Even though you had worked
for years as a seamstress,
or sometimes at
taking orders,
helping out in the kitchen.

Even though your
eldest daughter
now works in a bank
while she finishes her degree,
and the young ones
do well in school.

They said
you might be
a rapist, or
a terrorist
ready to harm
their country,
the place where their ancestors settled
so many years ago.

Once your ancestors
owned this land,
they took it away
and now it is theirs.

Now they are building
a wall,
one very, very high,
to keep us out.

They say it will be

I wonder if there
are walls in heaven.

Dorothy Walters
February 14, 2017

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